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Please go to our website and download a copy of our Design Responsibilities
document as a pdf file.  This is both the standard and the commentary.  It
is located at  This will get you
directly to the site that has the documents.  We are in the process of going
through the consensus process with these, so they will be changing.  Thanks
for the question and let us know how we can assist you further.


PS Our site is going through some changes so it does look different.  We
have many good ideas on improving it and making it a solid truss industry
resource.  If you have suggestions we would like to get them.  We hope to
get quite a bit done before the end of the year on this.


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Subject: Re: To All with Interested In Manufactured Truss Construction


Where can I get information specifically addressing the engineer of records
responsiblities in regards to trusses and the truss engineers

Brian Dunagan, P.E.