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Re: Gr 50 column and Gr 50 beams

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I have been pondering this same dilemma myself. You can review the code
exceptions where column yielding is permitted with certain exceptions, if
applicable...usually not,  or you can pay the price as you have noted. I
would think reduced beam sections would take care of it, however I have yet
to design one. You could use Grade 65 columns, I have checked into that and
there is a long lead time let alone price increase. It seems that there is a
need for A36 steel, why can't the industry give us true A36 steel?

Jeff Smith

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Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 11:49 PM
Subject: Gr 50 column and Gr 50 beams

>What is everyone doing when designing a moment frame that have both grade
>columns and grade 50 beams?  I use to design moment frames with grade 50
>columns and A36 beams, this satisfies my, strong column weak beam theory.
>with just grade 50 columns and beams, my moment connections becomes large
>doubler plates ending up to about 2 inches or more.
>Thanks in advance
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