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AVwin 98 Update

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I received an announcement from Avansse this morning. In response to the users of the products and the comments on this list, Avansee has released an update to their program AVwin Plus which is available free to SEAint members for a limited time.
The biggest change is the addition of loads that can be defined on the model. The last version allowed only one concentrated load (unless the user used a rather awkward work-around). The latest version brings the number of member loads (concentrated, uniform, etc) to an equivalent or greater number than his competition.
I am downloading the software as I write this in order to see what other changes has been incorporated in it.
I want to be clear that this is not a free software EXCEPT to members of this List and possibly as a future promotion to occur in SEAint Online journal (terms of this are yet to be worked out). Users will be registered with Avansse and will have the same benifits for technical support as well as upgrade special pricing.
I have placed this announcement on the list since I did not intend for it to be a sales pitch and am not associated with Avansse. I happen to like to receive software and work with it to see what benifits it has to my practice. If it is useful, I'll pay for upgrades in the future. If not - I haven't lost anything other than some time to evaluate it.
You can download it at
Dennis Wish PE