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RE: Rock pocket / Honey combing in concrete

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I doubt there are many texts, but there is literature and technical advice
available from manufacturers of repair materials.  I would suggest one of
the EMACO mortars by Master Builders; or a Sikadur product by Sika Corp.
Either would be used with an epoxy bonding agent.  At the risk of sounding
like a salesman, you could also talk to Contech Services at <> , they have done
good work for us in the past.

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	I have a situation where the contractor poured a concrete grade beam
	upon stripping the forms there are a couple of places where the
	was not consolidated properly. The rock pockets do not extend
	through the grade beam. They penetrate approximately 2" into the
width of
	the beam and encomopass approximately 18" x 6" area.

	Are there publications available which might give some guidence on
how to
	restore the structural integrity of the grade beam?

	Since the rock pocket is minor in nature, is there cause for

	any help, advice will be appreciated

	John Buchanan