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RE: Rock pocket / Honey combing in concrete

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While the various references that others have poster are good resources,
don't forget ACI 301-95, section (Repair of surface defects other
than tie holes: "Outline honeycombed or otherwise defective concrete with a
1/4 to 3/4 in. deep saw cut and remove such concrete down to sound concrete
...").  Of course you'll have to judge if the rock pockets are sufficiently
minor to be considered a surface defect.

Ed Marshall, PE

> Subject: Rock pocket / Honey combing in concrete
> Author:  John Buchanan <jjb(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
> Date:    11/3/98 12:11 PM
> Hi
> I have a situation where the contractor poured a concrete grade beam and 
> upon stripping the forms there are a couple of places where the concrete 
> was not consolidated properly. The rock pockets do not extend completely 
> through the grade beam. They penetrate approximately 2" into the width of 
> the beam and encomopass approximately 18" x 6" area.
> Are there publications available which might give some guidence on how to 
> restore the structural integrity of the grade beam?
> Since the rock pocket is minor in nature, is there cause for concern?
> any help, advice will be appreciated
> John Buchanan