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There is one gable end bracing detail in our Wood Truss Handbook on page
16-11. You should check our details on our website as well.  I haven't
looked at all of them recently to know if any up there will help you. If
there are standard details that we should create for trusses please give us
a list of the ones you would like to see and we'll tackle this inside our
Engineering Review Committee.

We are just working on a permanent bracing design guideline.  Please email
me an address and we'll send you a draft copy for review.  Our goal is to
educated building designers on proper permanent bracing concepts so that
this gets done properly in buildings.

Hope this helps.


From: BD2PE(--nospam--at)
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: Premanufactured wood trusses without
In regards to wood trusses, how do you deal with the lateral bracing
requirements. At the end of a row of lateral braces for webs there should be
a detail showing how the load in the brace is taken our to the roof
or other structural element. Do you know of any references that specifically
address this issue. Also, what about the lateral bracing of webs in a gable
truss. Do you ever have the truss engineer providing you with details of how
to brace the gable truss webs, or is that something you provide.
Thanks for any input.
Brian Dunagan