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RE: How do we unite professional organizations

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Title: RE: How do we unite professional organizations
Thanks for the remarks Stan. I remain a skeptic in lieu of the distance between organizations like ASCE and SEA. I believe that there is good intentions from each and every professional organization, but I also believe that we are far from a united effort.
I don't mean to be cynical, but my experience is that we are not united and should be.
Stan, at the worst case I am wrong. If I am there is no harm done, only a greater awareness of what others are doing. In this case, I sure hope I can stand in front of each organization and apologize for misjudging them. A good way to accomplish this is for each organization to use the tools that SEAint provides to work toward common goals. Yes, this is rather simplistic way of looking at tough issues and the multitude of issues that seem related but are not.
Remember that I am not proposing that SEAint be a "leader" here - just the "tool" of choice. SEAint Neutrality is very important so that we don't interfere with the workings of these groups.
I received a message from Kirk Grundahl from WTCA. He believes that his organization can greatly benefit from a dedicated list. I believe SEAint is willing to set one up for him. We can do the same for ASCE and NAHB (who politely declined our offer in order to look for other avenues to establish their presence).  ASCE and NAHB are free to establish their own "tools", I just feel it is important to those engineers like you and I who sit on the "geographic" outskirts and who want to be involved.
This is the primary accomplishment that I believe SEAint needs to achieve to create a cohesive professional community.
I hope that you (and others) will see this as a productive step rather than a personal attack on the potentially good work these organizations wish to achieve. My personal opinions are, admittedly, cynical in nature, but this should not interfere with creating useful tools and the desire to unite all professional organizations who can work better when working together.
Dennis Wish PE
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Subject: RE: How do we unite professional organizations

Dennis Wish:

The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) is not duplicating any efforts of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)!  To the best of my knowledge and belief, neither AEI nor NAHB are doing nor intend to do any sort of political posturing!  Your quote from the AEI announcement is accurate, but you apparently have confused "home organization" with "house organization".  AEI has approximately 7,000 members world wide, and deals with the multidisciplinary aspects of building design.  It is the perfect "home organization" for those individuals who view a building as a system comprised of many subsystems such as structural, electrical, HVAC, etc.  AEI is involved with all types of buildings.  To date, most of its effort in residential has been directed toward hotels and multi-family, rather than toward single family. Any work in the area of single family will most certainly be done in concert with, not in competition with, NAHB.

You do not have to be a member of ASCE to be a member of AEI.  For more information, visit the AEI website at

I recommend that you also visit the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) website at

Best Regards Mi Amigo,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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