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Re: Design fee guidelines

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Typically between 17% and 25% of the total structure + about 7% for overhead.  Most general buildings (ie low rise such as condominium and up to 5 storeys) here in BC run at about 20% structural content.  Where there are underground or basement parts that may be separated out for costing since that may be almost all structural.  Here in BC we calculate at between 1 1/2% and 6% of STRUCTURAL cost for design fee depending on whom we are trying to put out of business :-).  The average around Vancouver Island seems to be about 3%.  There appears, unfortunately, to be a trend at the moment for some (larger?) companies to undercut or buy projects from under the noses of sole practitioners.  So the fee may vary despite (inaudible) howls of protestation by both practitioners and our illustrious Association that such undercutting is jeopardizing our quality...... etc, etc. 

But tough times call for tough measures.......n'est pas??!! :-(

Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng.,  MCSCE
Victoria, BC, Canada
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Subject: RE: Design fee guidelines

>Be careful making this comparison Bill.  Yes, in the bridge game
>maybe we get between 5 and 10%, sometimes even as high as 15% for
>retrofit work, but the item your taking this percent of is all
>structure.  On the building side of things I'm assuming that their
>percent is calculated based on the cost of the structure including
>all of the electrical, mechanical, finish work, ...
>This brings up a question.  What portion of a buildings cost is
>taken up by the structure?
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>> My feeling is that 2% or 2.5% would be easier gained if it weren't for
>> engineers in our field willing to sell very little for less,
>In the Transportation game (where we do the bridges), we wouldn't think of
>taking less than 6-7% for our part.
>That's what you-all get for working for ******* architects!
>This helps explain why, a few years ago, I received a job offer from an very
>eminent structural engineering firm in Oklahoma City, and was astounded to
>realize it was about 60% of the salary I was receiving at the time.
>In fact, it was by far the lowest salary offer I'd ever received since
>becoming a P.E.
>You all really ought to be ashamed.