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RE: Design fee guidelines

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> Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 1998 4:46 PM
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> Subject: RE: Design fee guidelines
> Be careful making this comparison Bill.  Yes, in the bridge game
> maybe we get between 5 and 10%, sometimes even as high as 15% for
> retrofit work, but the item your taking this percent of is all
> structure.  On the building side of things I'm assuming that their
> percent is calculated based on the cost of the structure including
> all of the electrical, mechanical, finish work, ...
> This brings up a question.  What portion of a buildings cost is
> taken up by the structure?

Question noted.  I daresay you'll find it is a significant portion.  What if
you got, say, 7% of the structure only?

When we calculate our fees for negotiation of a combination road/bridge
project, we separate the civil and structural fees.  That makes it easier
for us to do project control.

It also shows us that the ratio of structural engineering work to the
overall engineering effort is about the same as the construction cost of the
structures only (e.g. the bridges) to the entire job including civil and all
other efforts.

Ergo, when we get 6-7% of the constructed costs, that also means we
structural guys get 6-7% of the constructed costs for the structures.