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RE: Introduction.

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I used to receive advertisements from an engineering company in India who
was soliciting this type of work. I would not participate personally, since
I feel that too much work has left the US and would want to protect our
service industry since it is the only real industry left here.
Even if I assume the work to be good, I am in this business for more than
profit (I know I should see a shrink) - I want to continue to do the type of
work I enjoy and would seriously jeopardize it if I were to jump on the
bandwagon to increase my profit at the expense of other professionals in the
I think this type of ethical dilemma is faced by the larger industries that
are driven by private investors rather than by cash receipts.

Dennis Wish PE

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I have heard of larger companies sending work to India and Mexico via the
internet to be designed and drafted for a far lower fee.  I have also heard
that some of this work is good work and timely.  I don't know about
everybody else, but that is pretty darn scary to me.
Has anyone else heard about this type of deal?

Blake Haley, P.E.
White Engineering Associates, Inc.