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Re: ASTM A36

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Mike Engestrom of of Nucor-Yamato wrote:

ASTM A36 is still available and is likely to be available for W-shapes for
a long time in the future, but this depends on the demand.  As long as our
customers continue to order it, we will produce it.  ASTM A36 is
considered the "base grade", in which a shape producers' price list is based.  Grade
extras are added to the base price in many cases depending on section

In the case of ASTM A36 and ASTM A572 Grade 50, many of the sections
produced  are considered "multi-certified" because they meet both

The key question which was not answered is "What is the yield stress (or
yield point) of "A36" steel.  

Since the specification for A36 steel does not have an upper limit, you
can produce a steel beam and label it A36 or A572Gr50.  It will meet the
requirements of A36, AND it will meet the requirements of A572Gr50.

Steel with Fy = 36 probably does not exist, even if it is specified as

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