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Re: Geotech

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My boss said that about 50% of you fee for the soil report goes to their
insurance company.

Paul Feather wrote:

> Here is a topic I would like to offer up for discussion.
> It seems like no matter where the project I am working on is located, the
> soils report recommendations are almost a foregone conclusion. Low bearing
> values and limited information. Apart from the obviously poor sites where
> piles or caissons are recommended, the typical values for a traditional pad
> footing foundation are equivalent to UBC minimum values (a straight 2000
> psf).
> Every soils bearing relationship I have ever studied, the bearing capacity
> is dependent on the configuration and depth of the foundation, but only once
> has a soils report provided equations for bearing with site specific
> coefficients to allow for increased values due to width and depth.
> Is this a typical condition for the rest of you, or is Southern California
> primarily lousy soil?
> Are these values realistic, or are the Geo-tech reports heavily influenced
> by the 267,000 lawyers in California?
> Structural design forces per the 1997 UBC are heavily soil dependent. All of
> the new base shear equations, zone factors, and period values are
> interrelated with the parameters for the top 100 feet of soil. The soils
> report will have a large impact on the configuration and economy of the
> final design.
> I would be interested in hearing your opinions.
> Paul Feather PE