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One option if you want a higher strength steel for the columns is ASTM A913
which is availible from Trade Arbed.  This steel is availible with a yield
stress of 65 ksi and good toughness values.  The only problem is that it is
typically only availible in W14 sections although Trade Arbed has been
willing to roll other sections.  The price has also been competative.

It is my understanding that at least one of the American mills (very
possibly Nucor) has the technology to make this steel but has chosen not

For those who are concerned about availibility of steel from a foreign
mill, I would suggest you look at the mill reports from you latest steel
project.  You will probably find steel produced by mills all over the
world.  It is my observation that the market for steel is an international
market  with firms like British Steel and Trade Arbed very competative in
South East Asia which is halfway around the world from their mills. 

A key reason why our options are more limited is  that the structural steel
market is a small part of the overall steel market and the US mills have
not felt the pressure to be responsive to the needs of the engineering

Mark Gilligan