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RE: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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The idea of a Global economy is fine - if and only if every one were on the
same economic level. The problem is that there are no ground rules that
protect the more affluent economies and the "original home-based" businesses
become International based organizations whose concern is to level the
field - not raising the standard of living in the lower markets, but by
lowering the standard in other regions. This can only cause economic
disaster in countries with incomes based upon higher labor rates (including
societies tied to unions) such as the US.
It's not the idea of Global economies that is bad, it's the abuse that
exists - something that we have seen through Nafta and GATT.
Sure, we are more prosperous, but we forget that we work a lot harder to
maintain the level - dual incomes or more, longer hours etc.

I am cynical of unrestrained global trading when the media constantly
tally's the job losses in this country and the abuses to human rights left
unattended in other countries.  Without uniform cooperation throughout the
global community, we are destine for recession.

But that's my opinion.

On the other hand:>)


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Sounds like similar rhetoric heard during the industrial revolution. IMO, a
global economy is good for us in general although a few sectors may suffer

Don't worry, Dennis, if your previous discussion regarding fees is any
indication, nobody is going to steal your work :o).

Bill Allen

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I don't want to be unfair, but I need to protect my family and the future of
my grand-children.

Dennis S. Wish PE