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RE: Post-tensioned slab on grade

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Are the tendons bonded or unbonded?  If the latter, they will be projectiles
when cut, don't stand in the way.  You could calculate the horizontal moment
due to cutting openings, but my gut feeling is that 8' out of 90' won't be
too detrimental.

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	We recently built an 8" thick post-tensioned slab on grade , with
	overall dimensions 120 by 90 feet. The active reinforcement is 1
	with 1/2" dia. every 2 feet, in both directions and placed in the
	depth of the slab.
	Now the owner needs two openings of 3 by 8 feet along the edges of
	I am worried  about cutting the tendons to make room for these
	because I'm not sure if the release of energy when I cut them may
	the slab. Does anyone have any suggestion ?

	Juan Carlos Gray