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Actually this is a very good report.  I also suggest that you personnally
inspect the foundation excavation prior to pouring; especially keep extra
concrete off the top of the footings.

I have a client who wishes that this had been the report for his residence
($3M+/-)!  By the way, the lawsuit when on about seven years.

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 09:56 PM 11/4/98 -0800, you wrote:
>If you think Southern California is bad, you should see the reports for
>Southern Utah. The soils are so expansive that the report I received today
>made the following recommendation:
>"Minimum 8-inch thick mat foundation or narrow "slot" footings are expected
>to be the most economical and safe foundation system for the proposed
>structure." This consisted of the following recommendation:
>1. Narrow "slot" footings placed a minimum of 4 feet into native clays can
>be designed for a maximum soil pressure of 3,500 psf..... Under this
>pressure the total footing settlement is expected to be about 1-inch.
>2. Footings should be kept as narrow as possible and should be poured "neat"
>against the excavation.
>3. Continuous foundation walls should be adequately reinforced both top and
>bottom. As a guide, we suggest an amount of steel equivalent to that
>required for a simply supported span of 25 feet.
>4. A 4-inch thick layer of "expanded" foam under the slab AND
>5. The mat, if used, should be placed on a minimum of 2-foot of
>non-expansive impervious structural fill compacted to at least 90% the
>modified Proctor maximum dry density.... Mat edges should be thickened and
>extended a minim of 2-feet below the proposed final grades"
>I've designed in Los Angeles and even Simi Valley but have not come upon
>expansive soil this bad that required such a foundation for a small one
>story commercial structure (less than 5,000 square feet).
>Dennis Wish PE
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