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Re: Post-tensioned slab on grade

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You can cut pockets in the concrete around the tendons that are going to be 
affected and re-anchor them.  This is should be done by a contractor 
experienced in doing this.

Earlier this year I got a booklet from Structural Preservation Systems, Inc., 
2116 Monumental Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21227, Toll free tel: 800-899-1016 
toll tel. 410-247-1016, fax: 410-247-1136, that describes the methods that 
they have available for repair of unbonded post-tensioned structures.  I 
don't know anything about the company other than getting the booklet from 

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > We recently built an 8" thick post-tensioned slab on grade , with
. > overall dimensions 120 by 90 feet. The active reinforcement is 1 strand
. > with 1/2" dia. every 2 feet, in both directions and placed in the middle
. > depth of the slab.
. > 
. > Now the owner needs two openings of 3 by 8 feet along the edges of the
. > slab.
. > 
. > I am worried  about cutting the tendons to make room for these openings,
. > because I'm not sure if the release of energy when I cut them may damage
. > the slab. Does anyone have any suggestion ?
. > 
. > 
. > Juan Carlos Gray
. >