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RE: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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I know this was meant to be taken in polite fun, but consider this. What if
your area suddenly turned up with engineers who could make a decent living
charging what I do. What happens to your standard of living when your fees
begin to drop. In my case I earn more than my competition in this area -not
less. Now consider if your local competition started to send their work
overseas at $5.00 per hour in labor to design. How will you react if, rather
than 2% of the construction cost, you suddenly are competing at 0.02% of the
construction cost.
This is potentially a serious problem. The EOR remains local so Observation
and on-site coordination is not done from overseas, but locally as it
should. The EOR, who is local, retains control of the design and will not
violate any regulations since he stay in responsible charge.
I don't see this as a threat if the engineering company is a small
individual owned or closed corporation. But if the company is publicly
traded, look-out. The pressure to maintain profit would be enough incentive
to drive labor out of this country.


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> Don't worry, Dennis, if your previous discussion regarding fees is any
>  indication, nobody is going to steal your work :o).

Well said Bill!

Anand Nene