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Re: Forensic Referral

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Drew & Peter Robinson,

Try SEAOSC member Gregory Kingsley in Golden, CO at 303-384-9910.  He is a
licensed CE in CA and a member of SEAOSC's referral service program.

Don Gilbert
SEAOSC Administrator

In a message dated 11/4/98 3:43:35 PM Pacific Standard Time,
DNormanSE(--nospam--at) writes:

<< An attorney who has been a client of mine, recently relocated to Denver, is
 seeking a forensic consultant with expertise in residential construction to
 assist him with a project there.  He would like a national firm with a
 Denver office but will work with a local consultant with appropriate
 qualifications.  The issues have to do with an existing residence which is
 not water tight.  His clients are the homeowners.  Suspicion is of
 construction defects (inappropriate/missing flashing and/or moisture
 barrier).  The consultant may not be an engineer but needs to have
 appropriate professional credentials to address issues of standards of
 practice in the industry.
 The attorney, Peter Robinson, is a "good" lawyer, by which I mean that I
 know from personal experience that he is a straight shooter who will pay his
 bills and is looking to represent his clients in settling a dispute rather
 than going to court.  He is a perfectionist and needs some one who can
 deliver high quality professional service.  He is with the respected
 national law firm of Kutak Rock.
 I told him that I would post this item to see if anyone on the list wanted
 to suggest someone or talk to him about helping out themselves.  His email
 address is Peter.Robinson(--nospam--at)  If anyone can be of assistance,
 please send him an email.
 Drew A. Norman, S.E.
 Drew A. Norman and Associates