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Re: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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"Free" anything is always relative.  Gillette "gave away" (sold at way below 
cost) its safety razor so that it could sell razor blades and that is where 
it made its money.

Microsoft "gives away" IE, Word, etc., to get people to use them so that it 
can sell upgrades.  Netscape "gives away" its browser so that it can remain 
competitive with Microsoft and hopes to make money on upgrades.

In a word, nothing is "free."  Someone always pays for it or the producer 
goes broke.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

. > << > hope all you "freeware" advocates are reading this)
. >  
. >  <I find this to be an amusing statement, since some of the most respected
. >  <software in this day and age are "freeware products" which the 
. > developers
. >  <,use to get a foot in the door for a chance at "added services."  Such 
. >  < high-quality offerings as the various Linux distributions, Netscape and
. >  <Internet Explorer, Outlook 98, and Corel's office suite for Linux, are
. >  <examples.
. >  
. >  <Perhaps you need to rethink the snide remark, above.
. >  
. > 
. >  Linux? Isn't that the kid with the blanket in "Peanuts"? Oops, there I go
. > again with another snide remark!
. > 
. > My point is that tools should be evaluated based on the productivity
. > improvements that can be attributed to them, not on the basis of whether 
. > or not they're "free".Which of the above programs would you use if you 
. > had to pay for them? 
. > 
. > If you say "all of them" then the fact that they're free isn't 
. > particularly important, you'd pay for them if you had to. If your answer 
. > is "none of them" then perhaps they aren't really providing much 
. > productivity to you after all. Whether or not they're "freeware" is of no
. > importance.
. > 
. > 
. > Earl Conroy
. > E.C. Engineers
. >