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NOVEMBER 10    12:00 - 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

This is the second program in the FEMA/American Society of Civil Engineers 
(ASCE) series.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme winds cause damage 
and destruction at an alarming rate each year. Vast numbers of buildings, 
including residences, are at risk from future storms. Reduction of wind damage 
can only be achieved by improving the wind resistance of existing buildings 
and by
constructing new buildings with wind protective designs. This program reviews 
the characteristics of severe wind storms and proposes strategies for 
achieving wind protective designs. 

Watch this broadcast live (or on demand for 30 days following the broadcast) 
over the Internet using the RealNetworks RealPlayer or MS Windows. You can 
download and configure RealPlayer or Windows Media Player before the 
broadcast. Visit the EENET web page for details:


C-Band (CHANGE)                 

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Transponder 9
Downlink Freq:  11921 MHz
Audio Freq:  6.2/6.8 MHz
Location:  74 degrees West
Polarity:  Horizontal