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RE: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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Bill, you need to research this. I have spent enough time convincing myself
of this. If you listened to the news today, over 7,000 employees are being
laid off of American companies so that profits can be insured. They will
lose their jobs before the Christmas season.
I suggest you go to the department of labor statistics to find the
information - and it does exist. I just don't want to spend any more of my
time to convince someone who may be too lazy to research their own
If you wish to discount or denigrate my comments because I choose not to do
the work for you so be it.

I don't consider hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to downsizing and
relocation to other countries to be a small sampling. Unemployment is low -
granted, but look at the specifics. The jobs replaced are nowhere near the
pay scale of the jobs lost.

Do some of the work yourself - I've paid my dues in this area to convince
myself that these allegations are correct.


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> Tell you what - I need the time to find the web sites that
> have maintained a
> tally of US jobs lost to foreign labor.

That's not what I asked.  I asked for your observations of NEGATIVE RESULTS.
A few jobs lost don't measure up. Jobs are lost all the time due to changing
conditions. I'm sure that the buggy-whip guild was devastated by the advent
of the automobile.

I guess what I'm looking for is evidence that you could describe of a drain
on the economy (i.e. "that gi-unt suckin' sound, Larry"!) that free trade
has promulgated.

> Border states do
> rather well, but
> California farmers are not happy with NAFTA as it has
> virtually destroyed
> many border farms in Imperial County.

So do drought and plague. Is it possible that you are ignoring a net gain
from positive effects elsewhere?  I'm suggesting this is very much the case.

> Choosing one localized geographical area is not a true
> indicator of the
> effect NAFTA and GATT has had on the nation. You need to look at all
> industries.

Exactly what I'm suggesting.

> You also need to look at the average income changes due to
> the loss of jobs
> and the finding of new jobs.

Again, please offer statistics on the large-scale downside overall.