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RE: Bamboo structures

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Wow - 30 stories?

I remember seeing an Asian nation's exhibit at the 1986 World's Fair in
Vancouver, B.C.
The outside of their exhibition hall was scaffolded with lashed bamboo and
construction worker mannequins. I was impressed then, and it only went up
maybe 30-40'.  But, 30 stories? Amazing.

Brent Koch, P.E.
Livermore, CA

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I haven't designed with bamboo, but while in Shanghai a few years ago
was fascinated with 30+ story high free-standing scaffolding made
entirely from bamboo lashed together with hemp rope!  My guide thought I
was a little strange for passing up the normal Kodak moments in favor of
these scaffolds.  Standing on the ground looking at the structures I
couldn't imagine how they could stand up, but it's hard to argue with