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RE: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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If I had to start competing with a fee lower than the effort and risk and
there is NOTHING I can do to become competitive and maintain the lifestyle 
have chosen, then I have a choice: new lifestyle or new profession. What's
so hard about that? Please don't expect the Feds to make that decision for
The advent of the cotton gin and the assembly line initially put the 
in chaos. We once (before 1972) had the US Dollar tied to the gold standard
based on the amount of gold in Ft. Knox. If this were still true, we would
now be TOTALLY out of the global market. Small potatoes.

If you don't believe an open market, free enterprise and competition is
good, maybe you should take your practice somewhere where you don't have to
worry about such things. Maybe some of your international colleagues here 
the 'Net would like to trade places with you.

One thing that is constant is change. Get used to it. Above all, we don't
need a protectionist federal government telling us how to make a living.

Bill Allen


We're not working in the times of the cotton gin any more.  Shall we 
compare ourselves to the "labor" market?

An uneducated, unskilled 40 year old, UNION worker at GM or Anhaeuser Busch 
working the amount of overtime we expect to makes $70K to $90K per year and 
will retire with the kind of pension we can only dream about..   In 
addition if there is the threat of "downsizing" they may get up to 2 years 
pay or notice.  Is this a form of protectionism?  Should we expect 
equitable treatment?  Do I retrain myself to poerate a drill press at age