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RE: Personal Attacks

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I believe that you feel this way because you do not agree with me. This is
the only logical reason I can see for you to publicly attack me in such an
unprofessional manner.
This is not a topic of the politics of NAFTA and GATT, but rather a topic of
how these treaties are and will affect the structural engineering job
market.  I feel justified in stating my beliefs which are the types of
discussions that this list promotes.
I have not received messages from others (private or public) that suggests I
have overstepped my bounds by "pontificating [my] personal opinion". Nor
have I received email suggesting that this topic was inappropriate for our
list. I have received responses from those who do not agree with me. With
the exception of  your comments, the others have addressed the topic with
professionalism and with respect for my opinions as I hope to have responded
to their comments. We need not agree on every topic, but I respect the
others viewpoints and would even consider changing my position if I can be
convinced that I am wrong.
Let me remind you that I did not start this thread and inserted my opinion
some days after the discussion gained steam. This did not stop you from
participating on three or more occasions and I did not attempt to censure
you nor did I try to negate your personal opinions or suggest that if you
differed from my opinion you could leave the country.
If you care to complain, you are free to do so by submitting your request to
admin(--nospam--at) If the list administrator chooses to end this discussion,
I will abide but I won't be dictated to by you simply because you wish to
silence any voice that does not agree with you.
I suggest you take your complaints, personal attacks and insults elsewhere
or delete the thread. I've believe I have been courteous and apologetic to
those whom I've disagreed with in an effort to avoid misconstrued bias and
prejudice because of my opinions - I have never intended to make this a
cultural issue nor would I ever purposely offend anyone on this list (except
in defense as was your case).


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From: Bill Allen, S.E. [mailto:Bill(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, November 06, 1998 7:38 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: Personal Attacks

Look, IMO, you are abusing this list by pontificating your personal opinion.
Very little content of your participation in this thread has anything to do
with structural engineering. This thread got started by one firm from India
advertising for work, which we on the list have previously voted to allow.
Using the list to transgress this thread into voicing your viewpoints about
NAFTA and GANTT as your personal soap box is irresponsible IMO.

Please, try to focus your contributions to the field of structural
engineering. You have plenty of valuable and informative viewpoints on this
subject which even I appreciate. You should be aware by now that every
thread that becomes primarily political in nature digresses into totally
non-productive, high volume and low content babble.

Bill Allen

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From: Dennis S. Wish PE [mailto:wish(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Thursday, November 05, 1998 11:51 PM
To: Bill Allen
Subject: personal attacks

Let's not try any longer - I just as soon not have you attack me in public
or put up with your crap. You don't need to respond - I prefer you simply
filter me to your trash bin - I intend to do the same to you.