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RE: Project in Madrid, Spain

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I don't think the "furor" is concerning "overseas work."  It concerns the
use of essentially "job-shop" labor to accomplish work solely for the
purpose of going cheap.

IOW, you would probably be surprised to see a Spanish engineer take a job,
do some of the work and then send the "nuts and bolts" of it over the 'net
to a guy in the U.S. to do the drawings, etc.

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> Interesting to note the furor over Indian engineers trying to work in
> the US, but no response to the inquiry by an American firm trying to
> work in Madrid.  Are there no protectionists in Spain?
> I've stayed out of the current debate because I am currently
> involved in
> projects in Australia, Great Britian, and Brazil, as well as the good
> ol' USA.  I recognize that what's sauce for the goose is also
> sauce for
> the gander.
> Phil