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Re: Design fee guidelines

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Dennis ---

Just an idle thought........if we should all live long enough to
experience "the big one" on the great San Andreas (south), I predict two

1.  "Dennis Wish" residences will be commanding premium selling prices,
2.  You will have a VERY PROFITABLE year or two (or four or five)
designing repairs and retrofits for all those "minimum code" residences
in your area.

Earthquakes happen, and high performance designs will show positive
paybacks.  Keep the faith.

Russ Nester
On Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:14:48 -0800 "Dennis S. Wish PE" <wish(--nospam--at)>

 I have a 
>of over-kill by those who do not hire me and have very devoted and 
>clients for those who do hire me. The problem is that I am often not 
>to bid based upon my perceived reputation and rarely have the 
>opportunity to
>explain or defend my position.
>Therefore, I can not use the argument that if the client pays more for 
>services, I will insure him a more economical structure than my 
>or less problems in the fields (considering how may times I have had 
>respond to contractors who screw-up).


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