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Re: How do we unite professional organizations

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Note:  I sent this post on 10/31/98.  However, as has been happening to
my posts in past month or so, this too came back undelivered with a
message"rajendra(--nospam--at) is not allowed to post to this list".  I had
no clue why this was happening. I did not send any jokes nor did I hurt
someone else, neither did I do anything to make Shafi mad. I think I
have solved the problem now.  


I fully support your line of thinking.  Perhaps ICBO and ASCE may share
the total quantum of work, with one organization constructively
reviewing the production of the other.  The final document will, then,
have the best contribution from each of the two outfits.  Details of who
does what will have to be based on the expertise of the people in the
two organizations that will be entrusted with the responsibility of
producing the publications.  SEAint could at least influence, if not
direct, the management process.
If it is politically motivated, it may be necessary to find out which of
the two organizations is trying to throw the spanner in the works.
Thereafter, a politically shrewd individual (or a group) will be
required to minimize the damage that may arise from the politics.  I do
not know who the individual (or the group) would be.  I am not the one,
because when it comes to politics, I am a big 'ZERO'.

> Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:
> > .....
> > I would think that there is some (if not a great deal) of duplication
> > of effort here. ....
> > I would appreciate comments from engineers of any affiliation who feel
> > that they can suggest solutions to this duplication of effort as well
> > as how the SEAint services can help institute productive change.....
> > Finally, if the issues are politically motivated, is there any way to
> > overcome this for the benifit of the professional community
> > world-wide. ..
> >
> > Thanks
> > Dennis S. Wish PE