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Re: ACAD v.10

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I use a very inexpensive program by Autodesk named Autsketch, the old 2.1
version was excellent and still available.  You can get it for about $90.00.
I does not do 3D but you can do about 95% of the stuff you do with ACAD.
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Date: Friday, November 06, 1998 9:09 PM
Subject: ACAD v.10

>Years ago I was experimenting with AutoCad, version 10. I was able to draw
>simple sketches for my persnal use but I never had to get involved with the
>program for professional purposes. About 8 years ago I deleted the
>subdirectory containing all ACAD files and permanently misplaced original
>diskettes. I thought I will have no use for the program.
>I was wrong, of course.(it happens all the time). Now I am retired but have
>few simple non-engineering sketches to do. I do not want to experiment with
>new, relatively expensive but more sophisticated (and more time-consuming
>learn) 3D programs.
>My question: Is anyone aware of a software distribution company (preferably
>retail) that sells old versions of programs including, of course, AutoCad
>(or thereabouts).  Any information would be appreciated.