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RE: VBA Question

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If you want to pass the address (row, column, or both) to a function,
use the "CELL" spreadsheet function in the macro function call.

Say you have a macro function called rajendran which we want to return
the active row number multiplied by 2.  

Here is the function call that would be placed in the spreadsheet:


Here is how the function in the module might look:

Function Rajendran(x)
Rajendran = x*2
End Function

Hope this helps,

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I have a programming question. I am attempting to write a user defined
function in Microsoft Excel.  In that procedure, I want to find the row
number of a cell, that has been highlighted (either by a mouse click or
by the movement of the up, down, side arrows), in a worksheet.  What are
the appropriate VBA statements?