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Re: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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>But you seem to deal ok with products
>like Japanese cars and appliances.  But who ever heard of competing with a
>lawyer, an accountant, or an engineer overseas!

However, my 6' 3" husband has yet to fit in a Japanese car without bumping his
head on the roof.  (He spent some time in Guayaquil, and has a fondness for
the place.  He had trouble getting shoes while he was there.  US Size 14 are
unusual even here.)

>I think that the Internet and satellite communication have opened a whole
>range of possibilites for globalization of many industries, and I, for one,
>hope to establish international links for my design consultancy pretty soon.
>It doesn't have to be all negative- if you're designing a project overseas,
>say in India or South America, your engineering won't be cost-competitive
>against the locals.  But if you merge with a local firm and work together,
>you can produce a well engineered product backed with local knowledge, at a
>competitive price.  Just a thought.

Seriously, I have also personally been interested in expanding the
networking/linking for the work I do.  I am a design engineer for a metal
building manufacturer.  It is nearly impossible to find engineers that know
the business.  So we train.  There would be little difference training someone
from Quebec, Canada (have tried to do) and Mexico (may happen) as long as we
could speak the same language.  The extremely competitive nature of the
manufacturing process would imply to me that at some point the freight charges
would be overcome by cheaper labor costs.  The time factor is a problem that I
am not sure could be totally overcome.  Everybody wants their plans yesterday
and their building next week.
The training process takes 6 months to a year with some engineers never
catching on.

Anyway, if you have need for pre-engineered building design or advice I would
like to help.  Or, hook you up with someone that can.


Valerie Eskelsen, P.E. (in states of WA,OR,AK,CA,UT,ID,MT,WY,AZ,CO)