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Re: Design via Internet-Please delete if you are not interested

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Well said indeed!  To Dennis:  In my mind there was never a question.

To all:  As professionals we have the ability to make a difference.  This server
gives us the opportunity to share and exchange ideas.  Ideas never hurt anyone
unless they are intended to hurt and degrade.  Dennis' ideas are meant only to
help and improve what already exists.

Rick Ranous

GRileyPE(--nospam--at) wrote:

> To all following this thread:
> In regards to Dennis Wish, I can say with 100% certainty that Mr. Wish, a
> personel friend of mine, is not a racist, a hate monger, a bigot, or an idiot.
> Dennis is a 100% honest and sincere individual who exhibits on a daily basis a
> tremendous amount of compassion for all peoples, regardless of race, etc.
> Please do not misconstrue his comments as racist attacks, etc. Nothing could
> be further from the truth.
> We are all engineers. We entered the profession to ensure the betterment of
> the human condition through civil engineering projects. So before we use this
> forum as a place to disgrace and insult others, and by doing so ultimately
> ourselves, let's keep in mind that as engineers we are far more alike than
> different. We can truly improve the condition of human life through our
> technical abilities regardless of our nationalities, origins, beliefs, etc.
> Let's try to focus on that and collectively do some good during the short time
> that we inhabit this planet and use this forum as an exchange of technical
> knowledge that knows no borders and benefits all.
> Sincerely
> Greg Riley PE