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Re: Pretensioning Of Anchor Bolts

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>For those of us old enough to remember doing this stuff ourselves
>(before we starting relying on computers), you can spend 5 minutes with
>a free body diagram and prove the same thing.

I've done it a few times in the past 35 years and I'm forced to admit it 
took me about a half hour most times, even though it probably shouldn't. 
The free body diagram is about five minutes; sketching the stiffness 
interplay takes about 15 minutes; trying to remember what the hell I did 
the time before eats up the rest. 

The reason to do it manually is that you learn why something so 
counter-intuitive actually takes place; too many engineers do numbers, 
particularly FEA, and never ask why something turns out  The only 
advantage of using FEA is that you don't have to make any assumptions 
about the clamping stiffness. I daresay the time spent with FEA might 
also be balanced against the winnings from a bet or two.

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