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Re: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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Well, you missed my point.  MY CLIENTS would NEVER hire an engineering
firm that was so far away, nor would we ever consider the same thing. 
So foreign firms are NOT THREAT WHATSOEVER to me, nor will they ever get
any work from me.  Period.  There is no arguing this point.

If you or your firm do not understand the value of a close working
relationship a design team can have, then that is even better for me.
Your ignorance is my advantage. 

I understand that on very large projects that teams can be split up. 
This is not necessarily that it makes no difference, but usually that
the consultants who are on the team bring an experience level that is
not available in one area.  

The more people who think like you do, the more secure I feel in my

Small and mid size firms that specialize in doing work in their own
local area with teams of architects and consultants that all work close
together, can rest assured that outside foreign firms offer little or no
threat at all.


Maria Isabel Falconi wrote:
> In response to Lynn's posting:
> I used to work for an International firm in Australia and we sometimes
> helped out with some of the structural design and drafting work when some of
> our other offices, in Asia or in America, couldn't handle the workload.  It
> worked fine.
> I also worked for them in London, and the project I worked on for most of
> 1997
> was in America, and the Architect was somewhere else in Europe.  Another job
> was in Asia, also with a European Architect.  All of them worked out just
> fine.  And I can say this firm works very hard at meeting the Architect's
> and Client's needs, because they have done some of the best engineering in
> the world, with the most famous Architects.  The project directors and
> managers flew back and forth for meetings, and through phone, fax and e-mail
> we kept in perfect communication despite language and time zone barriers.
> And we dealt with lots of penetrations in shear walls.
> Our engineers and draftspersons were able to understand and apply design
> codes, drawing standards, and customs in general from other countries.
> So in my opinion, geographical spread does not imply inefficient or lower
> quality engineering.
> Maria I. Falconi
> Guayaquil, Ecuador