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RE: Design via Internet (India & Mexico)

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I certainly hope this is true - but not with any intention of hurting the
people of Maria's country. What I failed to respond to Mike (and I
admittedly took my comments off this list in order to avoid taking the
thread past the issues of engineering) or anyone else. Mike did not leave
the United States. This is a very important issue.
I've done exactly as Mike has and it worked to my advantage. I moved 150
miles away from Los Angeles - far enough to lower my cost of housing by 75%
yet close enough to maintain clients and working relationships with others
within the same Geographical area.
Profits gained within a service industry should only benefit those within
the same geographical area - i.e., other services - if we are to protect
each other. If we contract our services outside the United States, the money
we pay may not and probably will not be circulated back within the United
States. What good will it do to have product manufactured in other countries
at the expense of jobs here. Products do not come back into this country at
less than they were produced here - only profits increase. Automobile prices
may have stagnated for a while, but certainly did not reduce in price to
Americans seeking automobiles. The same is true of the clothing industry -
how much does it cost to make a pair of shoes based on the labor rate in
Indonesia? Do we see a savings when we purchase a pair of shoes? I don't
think so.
Now fewer Americans can buy back the goods that were taken out of the US.
The only ones who benefit are those with stock in these Corporations. Will
Corporate shareholders insure that their profits will generate new work in
the US? Why should they if the cost of labor is so high here. Shareholders
are a Global community. They are not simply Americans who buy stock -
therefore there is no loyalty to this country - and not even a Corporate
presence any longer.

I believe that the service industry is the last industry to survive. This is
assuming that it will be at least one or two generations before we are
appropriately assimilated into the computer industry (jobs working with
computers or in the manufacture of hardware and software). Inasmuch as this
is all we have to work with while the Global leveling of living standards
occurs, we need to protect the flow of money that originates within the
United States. This helps those who have work, hire those in this country
that need work and allow those in the US who need work to pay for the
services that they need to survive (doctors, utilities, housing, medical
We need to stop thinking how we can earn more profit by using labor in other
countries and start thinking of a way to insure that our neighbors are able
to maintain a living. If we don't then our society can only deteriorate or
be bought by the lowest bidder.

I like to think that this melting pot is a working community - we all have
an investment in our past and our futures (ours or our children's). We need
to work together to insure that our family, friends and neighbors survive
and we need to share our wealth within the country before we invest outside.

Dennis Wish PE

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Well, you missed my point.  MY CLIENTS would NEVER hire an engineering
firm that was so far away, nor would we ever consider the same thing.
So foreign firms are NOT THREAT WHATSOEVER to me, nor will they ever get
any work from me.  Period.  There is no arguing this point.

If you or your firm do not understand the value of a close working
relationship a design team can have, then that is even better for me.
Your ignorance is my advantage.

I understand that on very large projects that teams can be split up.
This is not necessarily that it makes no difference, but usually that
the consultants who are on the team bring an experience level that is
not available in one area.

The more people who think like you do, the more secure I feel in my

Small and mid size firms that specialize in doing work in their own
local area with teams of architects and consultants that all work close
together, can rest assured that outside foreign firms offer little or no
threat at all.


Maria Isabel Falconi wrote:
> In response to Lynn's posting:
> I used to work for an International firm in Australia and we sometimes
> helped out with some of the structural design and drafting work when some
> our other offices, in Asia or in America, couldn't handle the workload.
> worked fine.
> I also worked for them in London, and the project I worked on for most of
> 1997
> was in America, and the Architect was somewhere else in Europe.  Another
> was in Asia, also with a European Architect.  All of them worked out just
> fine.  And I can say this firm works very hard at meeting the Architect's
> and Client's needs, because they have done some of the best engineering in
> the world, with the most famous Architects.  The project directors and
> managers flew back and forth for meetings, and through phone, fax and
> we kept in perfect communication despite language and time zone barriers.
> And we dealt with lots of penetrations in shear walls.
> Our engineers and draftspersons were able to understand and apply design
> codes, drawing standards, and customs in general from other countries.
> So in my opinion, geographical spread does not imply inefficient or lower
> quality engineering.
> Maria I. Falconi
> Guayaquil, Ecuador