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RE: Bulding structures on roller froundationsw

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For your project, try this link

BTW, EPS has moved recently.  Their new telephone number is (510)232-5993.
DIS's web site is at

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> << I am an Architecture student at New York City Technical College.  I am 
>  currently working on a project for my Construction class.  My professor 
>  wants me to make a model of a building on a roller foundation (Seismic).
>  I have looked and looked for drawings or details for such a structure, 
>  all to no avail.  I can not make a model of something I can only read 
>  about and not visually see.  Can anyone tell me where or from whom can I 
>  get this information from?  I am desperate.  Can anyone help a student 
>  out?!  I would be more than grateful.
>  Thanks
>   >>
> I am not aware of any buildings which are truely on rollers, what I think
> you
> are referring to is base isolation where the building sits on rubber
> bearings
> or uses friction pendulum bearings.  Horizontal displacement is often
> controlled by using dampers.
> For detail information of how the details often look, you might want to
> contact Dynamic Isolation Systems (DIS)  at  (510-283-1166) or  Earthquake
> Protection Systems (510-653-5993) which are both located in the San
> Fransico
> Area.   I am not sure if they have a website. 
> Michael Cochran