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Re: Open Web Stl Joist Bridging

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A carpentry spec will never require driving the nails point first and
expressly prohibit driving them head first.

There are usually general contract provisions that require "good
workmanship" or something of that nature, and in my state at least, licensed
contractors are bound by their licensing laws to follow recognized trade
standards in the way they build, to the extent the architect or engineer has
not directed otherwise. Presumably you have these general expectations in
your situation, too.

You give several well-recognized bases for your position that hanging these
features from truss bridging is not in accordance with good standards. What
authoritative basis does the field person have to the contrary? Your CD's
didn't need to prohibit everything that is recognized as bad prectice; that
field person's response is lame. 

Charles O. Greenlaw,  SE     Sacramento CA

At 10:54 PM 11/9/98 EST, you wrote:
 The roof framing
>includes open web bar joists which are laterally braced with diagonal(single
>angle) cross bridging. The problem is the mechanical subcontractor has
>supported HVAC ductwork, via sheet metal straps, from the cross bridging. I
>also noticed a few sprinkler drops also supported by the cross bridging. I
>indicated that this was unacceptable since joist bridging is not intended as a
>support for mechanical equipment. Naturally, the field response was "show me
>where this prohibition is indicated within the CD's". 
>  Normally, a project's steel joist specification includes this requirement.
>However, no new steel joist installation is required for this project and an
>associated spec section was therefore not included within the CD's. Nor does
>the project's general mechanical specification does not address this issue.
>Our office's mechanical engineer stated that SMACNA does prohibit this type of
>support. I also reviewed the SJI spec's and again found no definitive
>direction. Can anyone refer to other guidance for this type of situation?
>Charlie Canitz, PE
>Bel Air, MD