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Re: Open Web Stl Joist Bridging

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There is probably no written prohibition on using rubber bands as
sprinkler hangers either.  Nor on using chewing gum as an attachment to
connect the hanger directly to the underside of the deck.  For that
matter, there's probably nothing in the CD's disallowing dump trucks on
the roof.  Common practice, recognized by the steel joist industry, is
exactly as you and previous responders stated.

The joist birdging was likely NOT designed for any concentrated hanging
loads, no where will the contractor find a detail even remotely
suggesting that is a proper method, and it needs to be corrected. 
Failure to do so may cause the bridging to fail, possibly taking the
joist, and thus the roof, with it.

If you get into a real pissing match, I suggest 3 sources for expert
Don Murphy, managing director Steel Joist Industry 843-626-1995
Harry Goodson, PE, 803-256-2306  hbgoodson(--nospam--at)
Phil Hodge, PE, 423-365-4684  phil(--nospam--at)  (I put my name last
to avoid sounding like a commercial, sorry if anyone's offended)