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Re: Bamboo structures

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I lived in Hong Kong in the early 70's and remember seeing highrise
structures(15-20stories) with bamboo scaffolding around the perimeter of the
building.  During travels to Taiwan in the 80's I saw a huge billboard that
was supported and braced by a bamboo structure.

As far as design of bamboo structures, I don't know of any design data or
"code"?  I believe this is an ancient technology that probably involved alot
of trial and error and experience passed down from generation to generation.
That sounds familiar, doesn't it?  To some extent everything we do has been
done in one form or another.  I wonder if the romans actually did load
calculations when building aqueducts and bridges?  There are some incredible
examples of structures that have been built by experience alone, no calcs.

I've often wondered, if I had a building to engineer, how close I could come
to the actual sizes, number of bolts, shear reinforcement, footings, and
welded connections....etc. that were actually required by calculation/design.
Ahh... I have digressed.

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