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Re: Joist Chord Widths

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I know of no current published data on joist widths. One option, however, may
be to  call several joist manufacturers. Keep in mind that the widths will
vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This still may not answer the
question since you will not know who will furnish the joists until the
project is bid.

I have collected old tables from years back from various manufacturers which
give an approximate width. These widths still seem to reasonable. For a 10K1
or 12K1, I would guess the total joist top chord width to be 2.5" to 3".

I can suggest a couple of ways to specify the location without knowing its
exact width:

1) Draw a section thru this joist and angle and dimension the edge of the
joist top chord as 1" off the face of the wall.

2) If you feel that you must locate the centerline of the joist but, you are
unsure of the horizontal angle leg the angle off as a
bent plate and specify the thickness, vertical leg and the horizontal length
that you would like the angle to lap the joist. The fabricator then must
determine the exact horizontal leg dimension by coordinating with the joist

I hope this may help.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay,Wi

Michael D Zaitz wrote:

> Hello,
> Are there any guidelines for estimating the width of the top chord (angle
>  sizes and web size) in order to determine how far off of a wall to put
> the first joist to allow an angle to lap enough for welding?  I have a
> job where the joists (10K1 and 12K1) parallels the wall and I am wanting
> to use a L4 x 3 x .25 slv on top for supporting the edge of the deck.  At
> the moment I have the joist 5" from the wall but now I am concerned that
> this is too far.  Is there any published information on this from SJI or
> other sources?
> Mike