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Re: Open Web Stl Joist Bridging

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---CanitzCF(--nospam--at) wrote:
> A co-worker asked for my assistance regarding the following. Her
project is
> the complete architectural, mechanical, sprinkler and electrical
upgrade of an
> existing one story 30 year old seismic zone 1 building. The roof
> includes open web bar joists which are laterally braced with
> angle) cross bridging. The problem is the mechanical subcontractor has
> supported HVAC ductwork, via sheet metal straps, from the cross
bridging. I
> also noticed a few sprinkler drops also supported by the cross
bridging. I
> indicated that this was unacceptable since joist bridging is not
intended as a
> support for mechanical equipment. Naturally, the field response was
"show me
> where this prohibition is indicated within the CD's". 
>   Normally, a project's steel joist specification includes this
> However, no new steel joist installation is required for this
project and an
> associated spec section was therefore not included within the CD's.
Nor does
> the project's general mechanical specification does not address this
> Our office's mechanical engineer stated that SMACNA does prohibit
this type of
> support. I also reviewed the SJI spec's and again found no definitive
> direction. Can anyone refer to other guidance for this type of
> Thanks,
> Charlie Canitz, PE
> Bel Air, MD 

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