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Re: Sculpture support problem

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There is also a concern that, even if an anchor can be designed that suits artistic and structural issues, that the elements on the casting as well will have stresses around the anchor locality that may be excessive!  You should perhaps investigate a structure inside the beast that has its structural integrity that "flows" through the base into the body of the casting.  Maybe the horse should be shown passing over, or alongside, a log, tree trunk, or some other massive object that would disguise the anchoring system.  IMO whatever you do you have seriously cantilevered object.

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Subject: Re: Sculpture support problem

>What's causing the loading?  If its the center of mass in the body and its
>just strength your concerned about not deflections, perhaps you could
>counter balance it (assuming the geometry cooperates).  Short of that, high
>strength rod, and maybe having the horse step into a very deep pothole, you
>are up against mechanics.
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>Subject: Sculpture support problem
>>I'm a long time 'listener', first time 'caller'.
>>I have a client who was commissioned to produce a bronze sculpture of a
>running horse.  The man forging the beast has had some previous experience