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RE: Sculpture support problem

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I think you're onto something there with the cart before the horse comment.

Maybe the answer is to have the sculptor add a cart aft'a the horse (as they
might say in certain New England Cities).  i.e. have the galloping horse
pulling a cart, which would then provide a convenient support system for the
levitation-challenged equine.  

Or perhaps the man on the horse (was there a man on the horse?) could be
lassoing another horse, the lasso providing a secondary means of support.

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> Sounds like the artist put the cart before the horse. Recall the saying
> that
> if a doctor makes a mistake they need to bury the patient, if an architect
> makes a mistake, they can grow vines. You may need to suggest that some
> creatively placed structural bunch grass is added at the base for
> additional
> anchorage support.
> Jeff Smith