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Re: Sculpture support problem

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John -

As a firm, we actually do this type of work (though not enough to make a real
living), i.e., designing structural supports for sculpture, and have
encountered simliar problems.  My advice is to hold your ground! (sorry for
the pun).

The artist either has to give you a larger leg to accomodate the support rod
that you need or, as others have artistically suggested, the artist can give
you an extra leg to stand on.  We had a similar problem with a "walking"
sculpture and finally convinced the artist to have both legs on the ground.

As an added thought, in addition to designing for the code loads based on the
weight of the structure and seismic or wind lateral loads, for public art, we
also consider the "200# guy" who can climb on or push the sculpture.

Remember, they will only know who the structural engineer on the project is if
the sculpture falls over.  I assume that is publicity that you don't need.

Good luck, 

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.