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RE: Sculpture support problem

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Title: RE: Sculpture support problem


You are not the first engineer to face this problem!  In the greater Dallas area, there are many large, outdoor horse sculptures.  Most of them are "action" poses, and several are supported on only one leg.  In particular, there is a herd of horses running and jumping over a small stream in the plaza at Williams Square in Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.  I don't know exactly how they did it, but nothing is visible between the hoofs and the stone pavers below!  However, I am sure that you could find out by calling the property manager at Williams Square and for the names of the sculptor, architect, and engineer.

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Subject: Sculpture support problem

I'm a long time 'listener', first time 'caller'.

I have a client who was commissioned to produce a bronze sculpture of a running horse.  The man forging the beast has had some previous experience with sculptures and was planning to 'design' the supports himself.  However, when the artist/sculptor was finished, the fabricator was no longer comfortable with the responsibility of providing/designing the support.  This is because the RUNNING horse has only one hoof on the ground (accompanying leg at about 40 degree angle with the ground) and the other three are at various horse-leg angles some distance above the ground... and it weighs around 2000 lb.

<Enter structural engineer>.  The fabricator would like me to be able to get a 1" diameter rod (stainless steel?) to work because it would fit nicely inside the joints of the legs.  As you can probably imagine, a 1" dia rod isn't working.  I have determined through a 3d model that I'm going to need the equivalent of about 2 1/2" in solid diameter to work.  I could utilize the bronze leg shells but they, in conjunction with the 1" rod still don't cut it.  I am at a loss. 

I wonder if any of you have either had similar experience or have some advice.

Thanks in advance,



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