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Microsoft is NOT Doing Its Job

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A week ago or so we had a debate in which several in this forum insisted the
MS were the "tops" because they do such a "great job" giving us what we want
for our computers to function.

Apparently, some of these defenders of MS are not aware that the savvy
industry-types don't agree with them at all.

Here, from this morning's Jesse Berst column on ZDNet, are some of the
reasons why the industry is dissatisfied with MS' "leadership":


1. Microsoft is not doing its job in the interface arena. What's the number
one reason computers still aren't mainstream? They're too hard to use. Who's
in charge of the interface? Microsoft.

2. Microsoft is not doing its job in the consumer arena. Windows 98 should
really be called Windows 95.1 for all the progress it represents. On top of
that, Microsoft is about to abandon the Windows 98 family and switch
everybody to NT (Windows 2000). That will lead to confusion and delayed

3. Microsoft is not doing its job in the embedded space. Embedded systems
(handhelds, smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars, smart homes) will
soon be a bigger business than PCs. Microsoft continues to fail in its
efforts to create a world-class OS for this space.

4. Microsoft is not doing its job in the server arena. Windows 2000 (NT 5.0)
is key to selling more high-end servers. It's late. Way late.

5. Microsoft is not doing its job in R&D. It has failed to develop
breakthrough applications that drive new computer sales.

6. Microsoft is working with Intel rivals. It has developed operating
systems for chips from companies such as Compaq/Digital, Matsushita and

7. Microsoft is a conniving partner. Just read the recent testimony from
Intel in the antitrust case.


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