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Re: Microsoft is NOT Doing Its Job

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>Apparently, some of these defenders of MS are not aware that the savvy
>industry-types don't agree with them at all.
Another issue Polhemus and I agree on. (never mind the details for now) 
Can't see how St John didn't include this as another portent of the end 
of creation. ;-> 

It'd be interesting to compare computer use and attitudes between 
engineers in solo practice to those in large outfits with network 
administrators and such to keep things tidy. I use a Mac (and I suspect 
our DOS and pocket calculator users use MS-DOS and pocket calculators) 
because I don't have the time for computer geekery and I don't need much 
in the way of a company network. Large outfits can hire people to putz 
with such things and tend the suits as necessary. I'd think that'd make 
for some serious differences in outlook toward MicroSoft's contribution 
to engineering productivity.

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