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RE: Boca Code Interpretation

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Parking garages in Virginia are typically designed for the BOCA required 50
psf plus a small collateral load for lights and sprinklers.  My firm
interprets BOCA to disallow live load reduction.  It terms of the seismic
design check the Virginia Statewide Uniform Building Code for our state
specific exclusions.

My $0.02

Tom Bouffard

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I do not know if your building is classified as an open parking structure
or a public garage.

The BOCA code defines

Garage, Public:    A building or structure for the storage or parking of
more than four passenger motor vehicles, motor powered boats or private or
commercial airplanes, or more than one commercial motor vehicle. Public
garages shall be classified in one of the following groups according to the
specific occupancies:

Group 1:    A public garage occupied for the storage, parking, repairing or
the painting of, or the dispensing of fuel to, motor vehicles.

Group 2:    A public garage occupied exclusively for passenger vehicles
that will accommodate not more than nine passengers.

All group 1 public garages are classified as use group S-1 and all group 2
public garages are classified as use group S-2.

Open parking structures are those structures used for parking or storage of
passenger motor vehicles designed to carry not more than nine persons,
wherein provision for the repair of such vehicles is not made and where the
two exterior wall of the structure have openings on not less than two sides.

All open parking structures are classified as Use Group S-2.

Live load on members (i.e. columns, footing or pile caps, piles, and
transfer beams) supporting more than one floor for all group 2 public
garages and all open parking structures (i.e. all garages in Use Group S-2)
may be reduced by 20%. No live load reduction is allowed for roofs.

There are other limitations on the live load and roof snow load
reductions/inclusions if you calculate the seismic base shear by the
equivalent lateral force method.


>Could someone help me with a Boca Code interpretation?  We have a 4 level
>parking deck in Virginia with live loads less than 100 psf.  We want to
>reduce the live load for column design but we are not comfortable with the
>Code's wording.  Section 1606.7.2.2 addresses live load of 100 psf or less
>and includes public garages or open parking structures with exceptions in
>the next subsection.
>Section 1606.7.2.3 addresses live loads greater than 100 psf AND public
>garages and open parking structures for the design of elements which
>more than one floor.
>Does this mean that we can reduce the columns' live loads by 20%?
>Byron Benson