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Re: Boca Code Interpretation

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>I do not know if your building is classified as an open parking structure
>or a public garage.

We have  an open, public garage.

These two types of garages are BOTH identified under two different live load
conditions.  The Code seems to break them down into classifications of live
loading for qualification for reductions.  In our live load class,
subsection 1606.7.2.2, live load reductions may not be taken at all.  It is
only under the live load classification of LL>100 psf that public garages
and open parking structures may reduce live load.  It seems unrealistic not
to allow reductions and the wording appears to allow reductions on these
structures, yet the basic classification is still according to the live
load, not the type of structure.

We have decided to reduce the live load for design and confirm our decision
with the building official.

Thanks for your input.