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RE: Hey, All You MS Excel Gurus Out There...

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If you are using Excel 97, check out the conditional formatting.

Select range C2:C14, select menu Format|Conditional Formatting..., change
the condition to "Formula is" and type in the formula box =(C1=3).  Then
select the format(s) you want to use, by clicking the "format..." button.

I could e-mail you an example if you e-mail me privately.  Hope this help


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I could ask on a newsgroup, but you all are the biggest bunch o' Einsteins
I'M personally acquainted with.

I want to make the background shading of a cell contingent on the value of
the first cell in a column.  How can I do this (i.e. is there a formula that
affects shading?)

IOW:  Say I have a range C2:C14, and I want it to have either a white
(neutral, default) background, or a gray-shade, depending on the value of
cell C1.

Anyone have an idea?